War, conflict, peace…and the environment

As humans, our differences set us apart. From as far back as the history books go, conflict has resulted in extreme events such as war many times. At a o i f e , this week has been an important week for our brand, we marked international day for exploitation of the environment in war and conflict. The human race is more knowledgeable of the significant impacts that human activity has on the environment more than ever. Our planet has suffered greatly in the past and still suffers to this day as a result of conflict. As an inhabitant of Earth, our responsibility is to care for our home as much as we can. This includes making conscious decisions about conflict and its casualties because the well-being of our environment and its eco-systems could be in grave danger.


How does warfare and this conflict effect our planet?

Environmental conflict can manifest themselves as conflicts over resources, this can be the most detrimental to our environment. Natural resources such as oil, land and fossil fuels are being stripped away from their original eco-system and then used to contribute to climate change. Our choices could make a difference and collectively we can find an alternative to the exploitation of our environment. Conflict effects the planet in the most catastrophic ways, water wells polluted, crops torched, forests cut down, soils poisoned and animals killed. Eco-systems such as the oceans and seas are fatally impacted as a result. These temporary advantages cause long-term effects on the climate.


How we are helping as a brand ?

Commitment to protecting our planet from the debilitating effects of and solving the issue of conflict is not an easy task but one that will result in reform globally if successful. When you are working with us you are contributing to the clean-up of pollution and waste, we are caring for the environment and making it a better place. The environment persists to be the unpublicised victim of war. Peacekeeping is of great importance for our environment that only a shift in mindset and unified allies can achieve. We need to act urgently if we are to reduce the risk of conflict contribution to our environment.

Nature remains largely at risk from these conflicts in the world. This is not an issue that can be solved instantly but as a unified group we can make a change and move towards an brighter future. Here at a o i f e we strive to contribute towards the solution and we are doing our best to make our carbon footprint as small as possible. As consumers we all have a choice to buy consciously just as we have a choice to be peaceful. Our choices make a difference, we get one shot at this to get it right, time is most certainly ticking now with climate change, so lets make proactive choices.


Written by Hannah Rooney