a o i f e ® meets Vogue UK

As we say goodbye to 2020, the team here at a o i f e ® are already embracing everything 2021 has to offer. British Vogue’s January edition has given a resounding endorsement to our newly launched luxury handbag range and has introduced the a o i f e ® approach to circular fashion to discernible fashionistas right across the UK. For those of you who have not read our feature in the printed edition, you can also find us here: a o i f e ® Luxury Handbags on British Vogue. Why not pop over and share the love?

“ Replacing the mechanised, robotic nature of mass production, each artisan-made piece is exclusively crafted to sensualise our respect for the environment and reduce fast fashion pollution.”

 British Vogue January 2021

Luxury Handbags featured in British Vogue

We regularly speak about the a o i f e ® approach to circular fashion and our focus on designing luxury bags that can forever rid the world of the words ‘fast fashion’. However, in this blog post, we would like to focus a bit more of our attention on the beauty of the bags themselves. After all, a o i f e ® is primarily a design-house, a luxury brand with a desire to make wearing a bag a thing of beauty. We don’t ever want you to carry your bag, that sounds like a chore, we want you to wear your bag, flaunt your bag, let the world see that fashion doesn’t stop with the clothing you don. Wearing an a o i f e ® bag should give you that extra boost of confidence you need to tackle any occasion.

Bags for Men and Women

Our unique approach to design and colour means that our bags are perfect for anyone who appreciates true design, we don’t design with men or women in mind – we simply design for beauty. True fashion does not focus on gender, so why should you? Wear a bag that suits your personality, wear a bag that suits your soul and wear a bag that works for our planet.

The team here at a o i f e ® are looking towards 2021 with renewed vigour and purpose and we would like you to join with us in these positive vibes. Let us look forward to wearing our luxury handbags in the places we love again. Whether you are looking forward to jetting off on a long-awaited flight with a bag from the a o i f e ® Gallery range, getting closer to nature with one of our stunning Cactus vegan leather clutches or strutting your stuff on a night out with our versatile Silk Collection, we just can’t wait for you to wear your bag with style.