Sustainable Luxury

AOIFE® is an award-winning circular fashion brand. We believe in circularity, lasting quality and lifestyle focussed design; we seek to leave no carbon footprints on the sands of time. We champion a new consciousness and eco-friendly culture in contemporary circular fashion.

Circular Fashion

Cradle to Cradle 

The vision behind each AOIFE® product represents a creative journey. Using eco-innovative fabrics, some repurposed from ghost fishing nets, reclaimed fabrics or synthesised from plant materials, reflects the brand's belief in circularity and sustainability. By replacing mass production's mechanised, robotic nature, we deliver hands-on integrity and added value in each artisan-made piece. Our entire development process represents a cyclical journey: 

  • Rescuing resources
  • Respecting the material's former life
  • Regenerating them with no loss of value 
  • Redesigning them with a new purpose delivered through expert quality craftsmanship and skill.

It all adds to better materials, design, lifestyle, and world.

The Brand

AOIFE® offer you quality, functional products handcrafted from reclaimed, recycled and regenerated resources. The planet’s resources aren’t infinite, but we are providing you with a solution.

The products of today become the resource of tomorrow. From waste to wear, we handcraft gender-neutral, stylish products for you to wear and enjoy. Each product we make reduces plastic waste found in the ocean and materials that build up in landfills. We recognise the interconnectedness of the world and the human element associated with it. 

We can simultaneously regenerate natural resources and support conservation preservation initiatives by producing circular, versatile products.

Love, Love, Love

I love my teardrop bag. Not only is it beautiful, stylish, and practical, it comes from a unique Irish company that is mindful and aware of the world around us. I love that this brand is sustainable and eco-friendly and that they recycle, reclaim and regenerate materials which in turn helps clean our oceans and protect our wildlife. It would make you love the Aoife brand even more!!

Donna O'Sullivan

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