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aoife ® is a sustainable circular brand inspired by the Arts, the natural world and how they influence human culture. We are committed to sustainability and respect for the environment without sacrificing aesthetics. It is with these values and a shared vision that we established aoife ®.

Most recently featured in VOGUE Uk; Tatler Uk, Eluxe Magazine, Luxiders, Regalier, Mayfair Life, Healthy Seas, The Gloss, Woman’s Way, The Irish Country Magazine, Buzz. i.e., IMAGE, Galway Now, Irish Times, Irish Examiner, Business Post, Daily Digest, Create 2021 Brown Thomas and RTE, TG4 in Ireland.

Our Vision

aoife ® offer you quality, functional products handcrafted from reclaimed, recycled and regenerated resources. The planet’s resources aren’t infinite, but we are providing you with a solution.

From waste to wear, we handcraft gender-neutral, stylish bags for you to wear and enjoy. Each product we make reduces plastic waste found in the ocean and materials that build up in landfills. Respecting the natural world and our society is at the top of our agenda. Our bags have innovative, certified and traceability solutions which are produced mindfully and ethically. We recognise the interconnectedness of the world and the human element associated with it. Transparency and telling you the story behind our beautiful products is important to us.

By producing purposeful, versatile products, we can simultaneously regenerate natural resources and support conservation initiatives. A percentage of our sales is given to environmental initiatives such as reforestation and ocean clean-up. Re-made and re-loved, we are a small brand, making a big difference.

aoife ®Luxury fashion brand
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The Beauty of Regeneration – Galway Now

Ever wonder what the term “regenerative fashion” means? THE BEAUTY OF REGENERATION- When we refer to “regenerate fashion“, we talk about fashion that supports circularity, which means using reclaimed materials

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IMAGE, Autumnal Elegance –

The Elegance of Autumn- There’s something about the change of seasons that I love, and Autumn is my favourite month by far. It represents a warm change, the start

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Quality, handcrafted, functional products serving you while you can have your hands free and enjoy your day!

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