aoife® is a luxury Irish brand inspired by the Arts, the natural world and how they influence human culture. We are committed to sustainability and respect for the environment without sacrificing aesthetics. It is with these values and a shared vision that we established aoife®.

We were most recently featured in VOGUE Uk, Tatler Uk, Eluxe Magazine, Luxiders, Regalier, Mayfair Life, Healthy Seas, The Gloss, Woman’s Way, The Irish Country Magazine, Buzz. i.e., IMAGE, Irish Times, Irish Examiner, Business Post, Daily Digest, Create 2021 Brown Thomas and RTE, TG4 in Ireland.

Our Vision

We design and handcraft stylish luxury products from reclaimed, recycled and regenerated resources. The planet’s resources are not infinite, but we are providing a solution.

aoife® is a circular fashion brand. We turn waste and pollution into luxury functional products for you to wear. Each product made reduces plastic waste found in the ocean and materials built up in landfills. Our brand is pushing for a better future; having respect, care, and concern for the natural world and society is our top priority. It is essential now to mindfully feel good in what you wear. Producing ethically and consciously, aoife® products have innovative, certified and traceability solutions. We recognise the interconnectedness of the world and the human element associated with it, and we are transparent about the story behind our beautiful products. 

Luxury products can come from a place of waste, aoife® showcases a new value culture in place of waste. By designing thoughtful, versatile gender-neutral products, we keep those resources in use longer, we simultaneously regenerate natural systems and support conservation initiatives. It’s a win-win for everyone!

The Gallery Sling Bag Burdo

A mindful wardrobe

“Being mindful” seems to be a buzzword that follows us around wherever we go to look for inspiration. No matter how often we talk about mindful eating, mindful working,

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“Some old-fashioned things like fresh air and sunshine are hard to beat.”
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Our Gallery Sling Bag is a highly functional hands free bag with the capacity to hold more than you think with all its hidden pockets!

Designed for someone travelling, with hidden pockets which sit close to your body, the pockets are big enough for your iPad or a small laptop. You can take comfort by having your secure essentials close to your body, the front pocket is large enough to hold a large light jacket, jumper or change of clothes and there is a hidden slim pocket in the centre and back for ease of access. Designed to be highly functional, light weight and hands free.

Creative Director - Aoife Rooney
Photographer - @kenny_whittle_photo
Makeup & Hair Artist - @billyorr1
Styling - Aoife Rooney & @Kierankilgallon
Model - @Thaliaheffernan @Morgantheagency

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Discover the Reclaimed Gallery Sling Bag in Burdo, exclusive to buy online @officialbrownthomas and in store at Brown Thomas, Dublin.

2.5% of our profits are donated to Healthy Seas and reforestation annually.

Creative Director & Designer - Aoife Rooney
Videographer - & @thisiscolinprice
Makeup & Hair Artist - @billyorr1
Styling - Aoife Rooney & @Kierankilgallon
Model- Rebecca O’Donovan @1stoptionmodels

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