Our ergonomically designed bags, totes, backpacks, and accessories offer functional solutions using the latest eco-fabric technologies with a special-occasion appeal.

Our brand is mindful and aware, offering our followers thoughtful design, beautiful fabrics and richly hued colours while respecting our responsibility to the planet.

The Brand

Our Philosophy

The vision behind each AOIFE® piece represents a creative, circular and transparent journey.

Sustainability is our business model; it is about people first and our health, the health of our community. It’s about environmental conservation, economic development and social responsibility. True sustainability comes when the lifecycle of the supply chain is sustainable.

AOIFE’s® entire system, the rescue, redesign, development, the manufacturing process- all create a balanced ecosystem with positive social and environmental impact while creating beautiful products for you to enjoy.

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Circular Fashion is Functional Fashion

The Signature

The brand’s signature piece is the Gallery Convertible Tote to Backpack— a classic unisex staple. Versatile and convertible, it features detachable straps, top-grain Italian leather and regenerated fabrics, expressing the durability and functionality that epitomizes the brand.

The products are handcrafted using regenerated nylons, mixed with top-grain leathers, biodegradable cactus leathers, polished with Italian silver metal hardware, manufactured and milled in Italy, exclusively for the AOIFE ® brand. Overturning the idea that waste is part of a throw-away ritual, the brand transforms these materials into luxury with precious finishes and features.


AOIFE ® is a circular brand with a conscience. They are working to push the boundaries of a circular product without sacrificing style. 

They prioritise the social responsibility to protect our natural world. We carefully source ethical, eco-friendly options for all our fabrics and hardware. The brand's design decisions deliberately use circular, reclaimed, recycled and regenerated materials- helping to clean our oceans, reduce carbon dioxide, and protect wildlife while utilising the resources we already have in this natural world.

Innovation in Materials

Constantly evolving and adapting to new sustainability models, the  AOIFE® certified manufacturing process improves with technology. We collaborate with award-winning green partner companies in Ireland and Italy, all of which uphold the highest principles for reclaimed, sustainable and regenerated fabrics with excellent ethics and work practices.