Are you planning on going Green and having a conscience Christmas this year and don’t know how? Christmas is a time where unnecessary waste occurs, so it’s important to be mindful when your making choices this year because your choices honestly have a huge impact, you matter. Sustainability is not just for the scientists, now is our time, a time for a sustainable shift in Christmas shopping and aoife® is here to help you.

This is a time where everyone can show how much they care for each other, that could be through gifts or simply just from spending time together or maybe even a zoom call this Christmas!. We spend a lot of time shopping for the perfect gifts for our loved ones but simple little changes in how you shop this year can make a big impact. You do not have to overcomplicate Christmas by buying lots but rather by buying with a thoughtful sustainable process. You may find cheaper alternatives out there, but it may have a huge carbon footprint. In all fairness, one person is not going to stop climate change, it is a collaborative team effort, but a shift in the way we think is all it can take, baby steps. Try something new this Christmas, change the way you shop, shop sustainably and don’t let fast fashion own you, be your own trend, start a sustainable trend.

“A single thread doesn’t seem significant, when woven together it becomes more than the sum of its parts.” 1

If you would like to give a present to your loved ones and the Earth this year, you could gift them an aoife® bag. Gifting someone a bag is the perfect choice because it’s precious, beautiful and versatile. A bag is something you use every day; you need it to be the perfect match for you and your wardrobe but also your conscience. At aoife®, we design and produce out waste and provide you with eco-friendly luxury accessories. Our bags are perfect not just for Christmas, but all year round because it is a gift that keeps giving.


Buying a Christmas gift can be a difficult task because it doesn’t just represent a physical present, it represents a memory. The whole process of buying, wrapping, giving and then watching your loved ones open your gift has to be memorable. At aoife®, the presentation of our products is so important to us. We gift wrap with responsibly sourced recycled paper and card, then place your gift into one of our ethically produced FSC approved gift boxes, all of which are made locally in Ireland. We are providing free courier service worldwide, so that you can give someone the perfect gift for Christmas wherever they live.

Our sustainable handbags are a symbol of our love for the environment but also our love for fashion. At aoife®we combine both. All of our eco accessories are just waiting to be paired with your outfits this Christmas. Fast approaching we are introducing new accessories to our biodegradable collections in all the Christmas colours; earthy beige, cranberry red and starbright white. Give a gift to the Earth this Christmas with the help of aoife®.

Seasons greetings from everyone at aoife® and have a very happy Christmas that doesn’t impact the environment! XX


aoife®is allied with Healthy Seas, a profit from our sales goes to Ocean clean up, in addition for every product we sell we plant a tree, your tree, and we don’t just do this at Christmas, we do this all year around.

1.Fashion For Good

Written by Hannah Rooney