The aoife® brand stands for something more than designing fashionable pieces because our brand is a mentality, a way of life and a change of mentality. All our pieces are created with a love of style and the environment.

We don’t believe that our planet should feel any negative effects to allow us to feel confident in what we wear. Our mission is to create beautiful sustainable collections that help protect the world in which we live in. We invite and welcome you to join us and be part of our journey.

Identity of our brand

We design with an innovative approach and respect for our future. Everything that the aoife® brand does is inspired by society; our style is born from art, fashion, photography, film, architecture and the natural world.

We are challenging standards, ideas and values by using new materials and resources in all our different collections. As well as using sustainable materials, aoife® is also playing its part in replenishing the coral reefs and protecting life by cleaning the ocean and planting trees as part of a reforestation programme. For every single product we sell online we plant a tree and donate a percentage to “Healthy Seas“.

Identity of our customers

Our brand is a unisex brand. Unisex fashion that can be worn by everyone, regardless of sex, age or body type. aoife® stands for beauty, we offer attractive functional pieces which are sustainable and authentic in their design process and production.

Those who wear aoife® also have a passion for the environment and reducing waste, especially where it can so easily be reduced. Our mission statement is one that is shared and amplified by all those who adorn our products.

Honest fashion

No matter what, aoife® will always be open and honest about our ultimate goals, the materials we use, the people who work with us, the means as to how our products came to be and for what the business hopes to achieve along the way and in the future. There is a shift in the fashion industry for brands to be sincere and sustainable and we are proud to be at the forefront of this movement.

Designing aesthetically

We are living in a world of over-stimulation and we want our clients to feel comfortable wearing our products and to be able to move with ease. We designed our first collection by producing unisex modern bags, in particular for people on the go with busy lives. Our products are extremely versatile to be worn anywhere, such as at work, the gym, a nice restaurant and back home again.

Our AW palette shows an introduction of new brighter colours derived from our own customised aoife® brand palette of colours, such as; bleached coral grey, sugar almond brown, starbright white, sandstone beige, red wine and sultry black. Our new collections are designed to be extremely lightweight and multi-functional. Our fabric composition is a regenerated nylon, soft to the touch like silk but much stronger. The collections are extremely versatile with the ability to be worn anywhere but most likely will be seen at the theatre, restaurant, ball or at the table of a very nice restaurant for that special occasion.

Welcome to the aoife® brand community. Our success is your success!