The last few months have forced every single one of us to take a step back and re-evaluate what it is that is not only important to us, but also the world around us. As we have been keeping safe during the COVID-19 global pandemic, tucked away at home, it is somewhat ironic that due to a respiratory virus the world is breathing again once more.

Pollution levels have plummeted as a result of lockdown measures implemented by governments and with the chance now of not just to return to normal, but a better normal, this is a once in a generation opportunity that cannot be missed. aoife® is a sustainable fashion brand that has been launched in the craziest of times with a simple, soothing, message. To appreciate the natural world and all that is within it.

By using only sustainable materials that do not harm mother nature, allowing the wearer to accessorise themselves completely free from guilt, this is the new normal for the fashion industry. The aoife® brand particular in their search, tried nine different factories to manufacture their designs before eventually settling on their current production site in Milan, Italy which produces items for other well-known global brands. Many years of work and preparation had already gone into the preparation of materials, establishing international partnerships and developing designs, so it was essential that whatever site was chosen was on the same page as aoife®.

Born with Love and Compassion

The saying goes that home is where the heart is, but such desperate times have shown that to be true and it is aoife® that exemplifies that better than any other fashion brand in modern times. A luxury slow fashion brand founded in Ireland, you could be forgiven for believing that this is the worst time to introduce your business to the world – not in the eyes of the founder, Aoife Rooney, who believes that now is as good a time as any. With an architectural ,textile and print background, this fashion designer-cum-entrepreneur has set her sights on changing the world, one designer piece at a time.

Just as we are encouraged to be kind to one another in such unprecedented times does not mean that we should forget about the importance of being kind to the environment – now or as the world begins to move out of the darkness. Although many will undoubtedly be quick to slip back into old habits, for many this can be the catalyst for change – to not revert back to a lifestyle that did neither them or the natural world any good. We have already proven that we can live differently, so why go back?

How aoife® is Launching in a Pandemic

In a world where social distance is the norm, aoife® makes the conscious decision not to distance itself from the brand’s economic responsibilities. Creating beautiful pieces where every piece of fabric can be traced back to its beginning, aoife®s slow circular fashion means that quality is assured by the refusal to rush on the production of materials that do not meet the brand’s non-negotiable high-standards, both in terms of standard of material and its ecological means.

Producing hand-crafted artisan pieces that bring joy to those that wear it, whilst also playing their part in supporting sustainable fashion. This is a trend that is more than just a trend, but a movement and it is a movement that not only refuses to be slowed by a global pandemic but, if anything, accelerated by it.

aoife® are also proving that you need not choose between sustainability and luxury, weaving the two together to create wonderful creations that exemplify the culture from which they were born. With Italy known as the fashion capital of the world, it feels only fitting that this is where the new generation of high-end designer fashion begins.

Why aoife®‘s Success is Our Success

It is not often that you can claim that the success of any business is a win for everyone but, in the case of this fledgling fashion label, that is certainly the case. The more fans of fashion move towards sustainable and ecological trends, the more that we will all have to enjoy. Whereas other notable brands claim to strive for sustainability, proof is in the pudding and it is up to consumers to dig deep and find the level of honesty offered by aoife® .

This is something that runs far deeper than simply making men and women feel good by making them look the part on a night out but, empowers them because it means that they have made a conscious choice in the name of sustainability. A choice made out of love for the natural world and the need to look after it.

The world has been forced to change and, in many ways, it will be for the better. This planet will be around far longer than any of us and we have a responsibility to preserve it for future generations to come. In times where we have shown enormous compassion to each other in truly unprecedented times, we must not forget what is possible when we all come together as one.

Luxury high-end fashion does not and should not have any negative impact on our world.aoife®changes that by designing luxurious pieces with an honest thought process, all of which create a designer brand to be proud of as we enter this new age of society.

From the use of locally sourced sustainable materials, an eye for the sublime and a powerful message that strikes the chord of a global audience, aoife® ‘s story is just getting started.