Here at aoife®, our products are designed to be every bit as functional as they are aesthetically pleasing through ecological means. We recognise the shift in attitudes in the world of fashion and society as a whole, which is why it is our mission to design functional and stylish items that offer flexibility to those that wear them.

Designed for longevity

As well as designing products from ecological materials, to be truly kind to the environment they must also be able to last the distance. There is no use or value in pieces that need to replaced so soon after purchase. We have made a commitment to bring functional, versatile products to life. Made by the finest artisans in Milan, Italy and conceptualized, designed and developed on the artboard in Ireland, all aoife® products are made to the very highest of standards.

Designed for Functionality

Endless thought goes in to form and function in the aoife® brand. The brand strikes a balance between designing around sustainability and functionality without sacrificing style. aoife® encompasses and expresses what society needs now in fashion; a sustainable brand with strong and moral efforts to create change by being a responsible fashion brand, producing a high-end product you can wear with pride. Take for instance the beautiful range of luxury bags that adorn the aoife® name that are designed with the ability to wear in a multitude of ways, allowing you to go about your day. We create statement pieces that offer so much more than the standard accessory, with practicality and functionality at the forefront of each composition. We joined forces with a physiotherapist before we designed our collection, taking the anatomy into consideration. Having conducted research into how and where the support should be, we discovered that too many people wear bags incorrectly, damaging their spine and nervous system. We began sketching ideas to encompass this discovery, giving our customers options to flexibility to choose how they feel most comfortable wearing their bags.

Comfortable, Practical and Sustainable

All our products have different carrying modes and choices supporting the anatomy, ergonomically designed for comfort and practicality. The bags are more like a garment, as in you wear them on your person as opposed to carrying them, so there is no baggage here! Most bags should be moved from shoulder to shoulder and never worn the same way as it damages the spine and the nervous system, but we know only too well most people have a favourite side in which to hold or showcase their bag. Following consultations with a physiotherapist, we believe we have created the ideal luxury fashion piece for overall comfort, functionality, practicality, stylishness and sustainability. To begin our collections, we have managed to produce a stylish product from regenerated yarn. We spend a lot of time developing fabric from this yarn in the laboratory by dip dying suitable organic colours for the aoife® brand, whilst also considering the versatile elements and composition our fabric needs to join our collection. There is more to come from aoife®, so just watch this space as our exciting journey continues.