We live in a time of increasing pressure on the environment; we’re poisoning the oceans and the air we breathe, not to mention the countless effects of our consumerist culture, including plastic poisoning and habitat destruction. It’s not all doom and gloom though – we have the tools to save this planet, as long as we act fast.

Imagine if we could clean the seas of rubbish and plastic debris? Imagine if we returned the ocean to its original, natural state: clean, safe water and flourishing habitats with life reaching from shore to shore and to the deepest depths? Not only this, but imagine using this waste to create something beautiful.

This isn’t a fantasy: it could be our reality.

Sustainable Fashion for a Greener Future

The time to act is now, and while recycling and conserving your energy is a great place to start, what we really need to tackle the climate crisis is a shift in attitude…

Consumerism has bred a persistent culture of ‘I want it, and I want it now’. The fashion industry is a perfect example of our obsession with the new and disregard for anything else. We no longer invest in quality; we choose quantity and disposability to fit in with our fast-paced lives.

The result of ‘fast fashion’ is a glut of textile waste and poisonous plastic particles entering our oceans, not to mention the human and environmental costs of sweatshops and exploitation that necessitates mass clothing production.

At aoife®, we’re reimagining the world of fashion, finding creative ways to make a difference to the environment and the creatures that depend on it. At our core, aoife® is all about respect, care and concern for the planet and its inhabitants.

Introducing ECONYL® Regenerated Nylon: The Solution to Ocean Waste

We’ve teamed up with Aquafil® to bring you a revolutionary material that turns ocean waste and landfill debris into a lightweight, beautiful and utterly wearable fabric.

ECONYL® process is derived from ghost fishing nets, carpets destined for landfills and other waste material. The end result is a virgin, regenerated nylon yarn that has a multitude of uses. This eco-friendly material can be recycled infinitely and used to create new fashion garments and interior textiles that are premium, luxurious, and without the global impact of oil-based materials.

The consumer really does hold all the power; by choosing to invest your money in eco-friendly products, you help diminish the corporate, profit-driven hold on our planet’s future.

Luxury for the Environmentally Conscious

As well as creating beautiful products using regenerated and sustainable materials, aoife® are dedicated to actively making an impact on the planet.

For every online purchase of a luxury bag, we’ve made a promise to plant a tree, helping to regain the delicate balance of CO2 in our atmosphere and tackle climate change the world over. Each tree we plant will add to a forest, creating shelter and habitats for insects and wildlife.

Change is possible if we stand together. By making responsible, sustainable choices in our lifestyles and spending habits, supporting green companies and boycotting those that choose profit over responsibility, we can accomplish incredible things and pave the way for a brighter future.

Explore the range of exclusive products at aoife® , where sustainability and luxury fashion come together.