Luxury Pet Accessories

Estimated Dispatch: 17th June

Circular Fashion

Regenerated & Recyclable

Give Back Initiatives

Designed in Ireland

We are presenting the pawfect/purrfect accessories for pedigree pooches and pussycats. Miaow!
Tailored made matching coats for your furry friends. Lined and structured with quality zips and fasteners.
100% Irish Wool and reclaimed forest friendly ecovero viscose lining.

AOIFE ®, is an award-winning fashion brand that strongly focuses on sustainability using circular production methods. We aim to create a circular ecosystem. Our production and consumption model involves rescuing, regeneration, reusing, repairing, sharing and recycling existing materials for as long as possible. In this way, the life cycle of products is extended, reducing waste to a minimum. Our aims are always to reach net-zero fashion and drive a positive impact on biodiversity.

Since we started, together with divers and fishers, we have helped support a collection of over 585,000 kilos of nets and other debris from the seas and oceans. We are cleaning the ocean, one bag at a time - our bag collection to date has removed 262 kilograms of waste from the ocean.

What does this mean?

Many marine animals have been rescued and many cases of trapped animals have been prevented.

We are offering a self-sustaining and scalable solution to the problem of waste fishing nets across Europe, effectively helping to tackle the problem of derelict fishing gear and marine litter.

a o i f e ® aligns it's business to support the UN achieve its Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Je ne sais quoi

Coats are versatile wardrobe magic. The most tired outfit – whether old sweats or casual basics, a well-tailored coat elevates your look and compliments the silhouette with a certain je ne sais quoi. 

No one knows the importance of a good coat as we do in Ireland, where most of the year is spent bracing for chilly mornings, wet days and freezing nights. The right outerwear becomes vital.

Discover our loosely tailored coats for functional all-year-around staples.

aoife ® for conscious luxury


AOIFE® is a designer lifestyle luxury brand, responsible and mindful of the environment we share, using regenerated and natural eco-materials to produce luxurious ethical bags, in an effort to address the needless waste and pollution of our planet.

AOIFE– pronounced EE-fa is an Irish feminine name. The name is derived from the Irish Gaelic Aoibh, which means “Beauty”. Our brand is committed to the beauty in nature and promoting a sustainable lifestyle.