Our brand, AOIFE ®- @aoifelifestyle, is an award-winning fashion brand that strongly focuses on sustainability using circular production methods. We aim to create a circular ecosystem. Our production and consumption model involves rescuing, regeneration, reusing, repairing, sharing and recycling existing materials for as long as possible. In this way, the life cycle of products is extended, reducing waste to a minimum. Our aims are always to reach net-zero fashion and drive a positive impact on biodiversity.  


Each garment has been thoughtfully designed with circularity and attention to detail using rescued, regenerative resources while considering what happens at the end of the garment life cycle. Our collections use a circular design process and sustainable materials from Ireland. 


Reclaimed Luxury Mill Deposit Forest Friendly Eco Vero Viscose 

We work with our supplier's suppliers and use a circular eco supply chain. Some of the finest materials locked away in this considered collection were sourced from fashion houses and mill deposits, sadly forgotten about, and could not be used; for many different reasons, overproduction, slightly different colours or smaller budgets in the final production. These carefully selected materials have been rescued and reclaimed from the finest luxury fashion runways in Italy, Paris, Milan, London and New York; others were end-of-life luxury sustainable fabrics and 100% sustainable wools sourced from three local Irish sustainable factories. Our brand will only work with dead stock quality fabrics, sustainable and regenerated fabrics. 

By using as many upcycled, organic, regenerated, eco friendly and recycled materials as possible, we are not producing more fabrics thus we seek to reduce pressure on resources in order to restore the balance between people and planet with regards to fashion.


Our accessories are handcrafted from rescued ghost fishing nets and the finest Italian top-grain leather. We craft with 100% sustainable woollen traditional Donegal Tweeds from Mount Errigal in Donegal. There is no split in the made-up of our fibres we use to give you 100% quality materials; this is more environmentally friendly than trying to dissemble split fibres within the material, and the material can be easily affected and recycled at end-of-life.

We use 100% of the highest locally produced quality Irish linens, wools, leathers, Italian runway eco vera dead stock viscose, silks and the finest quality finishes to bring our LuxeStock collection to life.

Our packaging is sustainable and biodegradable; our corn pellets used to protect your product during delivery are water dissolvable. Our swing tags are FSC certified and fully recyclable, and our sewn labels are 100% sustainable.


We do this by not sacrificing style and never compromising on quality. Each stitch and fit is meticulously thought about. We designed the looks for versatility and future disassembly. Each diverse piece complements the other.

"When you start designing based on the material and incorporating waste management into your design process, this guides the colour palette and everything else about your collection. So it's a different starting point. We are designing out waste at the design table while mindfully creating something beautiful and of quality.” Aoife Rooney, Founder of AOIFE ®.



Each garment and accessory in our collections are made keeping its subsequent use in mind. Each piece is designed for longevity, recyclability and some biodegradability. It's sourced and produced without using techniques or materials that are toxic to the environment. This way, the article doesn't harm the environment at any stage in its entire lifecycle. Designed in Ireland and handcrafted locally by skilled workers- we bring you a top premium quality collection manufactured in safe and healthy work environments that protect equal opportunities and discrimination. We regularly inspect our factories to ensure complete transparency and mutual respect within our supply chain.


We are encouraging a pre-ordering production method. It allows us to plan our production better, reduce waste, and align with our values while also allowing you to secure your unique items. Slow, ethical fashion is our style, and quality fashion like ours is restorative in design; they are worth waiting for. 


We are transparent with you; you make the circular journey possible. You are our community of conscious customers and positive change-makers. We like to keep you in the loop; we hope you enjoy our circular sustainable collection, "Luxestock".