What’s happening this month for aoife ®?

We were thrilled to grace the cover of this month’s stunning The Gloss Magazine. A fabulous work-focused issue, full of clever ideas about dressing for work, switching off and empowering us. It is all about enjoying taking care of our appearance, whether from work or home and glamming up again post-pandemic.

It is terrific to see circular fashion and sustainability being talked about more and more now. More fashion fans are moving towards circular fashion and ecological trends. Our award-winning Irish brand aoife® aoifelifestyle.com, won best circular fashion brand in 2022. aoife® was chosen as an Irish circular brand to showcase internationally in various Museums for most of 2022, most recently in the Museum of Design in Atlantas exhibition,USA called “Full circle, Design without End”; which introduced visitors to regenerative design and the systemic design approaches like Cradle to Cradle and biomimicry that inform it.

You can rarely claim that the success of any business is a win for everyone. Since we joined forces with Healthy Seas, with divers and fishers, we have helped support a collection of over 585,000 kilos of ghost fishing nets from our ocean and other debris from the seas and oceans.

We are cleaning the ocean, one bag at a time. Our designer bag collection has removed 262 kilograms of waste from our ocean. 

What does this mean?

Many marine animals have been rescued, and many cases of trapped animals have been prevented. Our brand aoife® @aoifelifestyle offers a self-sustaining and scalable solution to the problem of waste fishing nets across Europe, effectively helping to tackle the problem of derelict fishing gear and marine litter. aoife® aligns its business to support the UN achieve its Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). More products are on the horizon for 2023, exciting times are growing our brand internationall

If your looking for a conscious fashion choice – look good, feel good and discover aoifelifestyle.com.

As featured on the front cover of the October The Gloss Magazine, the Re-Silk collection is available online and in Avoca Ireland , Dromoland Castle and Beautiful South in Rathmines, Ireland. These luxurious Mini Roll Bags are handcrafted from Econyl ® regenerated nylon derived from rescuing ghost fishing nets and reclaimed carpets, married with beautiful full-grain Italian leathers and embellished with metal features such as the twin push locks to the front. They can be worn and carried in a few different ways, a clutch with the top handle or an optional shoulder strap. There is an exterior zipped pocket to the back so that you can forgo a wallet. 

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