Why, as a brand, did you choose to protect the ocean?

The ocean is simply the planet’s thermostat, the World’s most extensive ecosystem, and our life support system; therefore, it seemed the most obvious place to focus our attention when researching circular resources for our collections. We use @econylbrand regenerated nylon, a genuinely innovative material that solves many environmental issues. The production of this fabric involves taking waste that would most likely have taken decades or centuries to disintegrate and then turns it into a usable yarn, which has infinite recyclable possibilities! What’s not to love? This practice saves materials from landfills and regenerates waste, helping to reduce microfibers in our water supply. It is made entirely from waste and pollution; it doesn’t take any raw materials from the Earth; this process helps to replenish natural resources. These are all contributing factors to why we work with this innovative resource to create our aoife ® bags, a win-win for us all!

“Every breath we take and drop of water we drink is connected with the ocean.”

Water and air are the most important natural resources in the World. We are far more connected to the ocean than we realise; our health and wellbeing are deeply linked to the sea.

What connection does the ocean have with the World’s climate, and why we should all look after it?

Imagine most parts of the ocean have been totally undiscovered and unseen by humans! The ocean covers 71% of the Earth’s surface, yet we have only discovered and explored 5% of the sea. The ocean contains more than 97% of the World’s water, producing 20% of the animal protein people eat. It has an essential job regulating climate patterns and reducing climate change impacts, transporting heat from the equator to the poles. Did you know we get many of our critical ingredients for vital medications we need from the ocean?

The ocean mitigates increased atmospheric temperature by absorbing 93% of the heat and approximately 30% of carbon dioxide emissions created by humans. It is no easy task but one we have relied upon. Over half of the World’s oxygen is produced by our loyal companion. Of course, we wouldn’t survive without it; the world would become a desert, oxygen levels would deplete, and life on Earth would eventually die, which is another reason why we support the ocean!

How are we as a brand connected to this story?

46% of the 79 thousand tons of ocean plastic in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch is made up of fishing nets. Fishing nets take between 600-800 years to disintegrate, not biodegrade. We want to rid the ocean of pollution and waste and help replenish natural resources. We are achieving this one bag at a time! 


Written by Aoife Rooney;

a Thalassophile

(n) a lover of the sea, someone who loves the sea, ocean.

Designed in Ireland and handcrafted by artisans in Italy with a heritage in bag making. Made with 100% econylbrand nylon, made entirely from waste. Crafted from post-consumer waste, including abandoned fishing nets, carpets and rigid textiles. It can be recycled infinitely. From waste to wear we create circular products which are kind to the Earth.

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