Being mindful” seems to be a buzzword that follows us around wherever we go to look for inspiration. No matter how often we talk about mindful eating, mindful working, mindful relationships, or mindful lives in general, not so much is talked about mindful clothing and fashion accessories. At Aoife ® we want to raise awareness and help you explore ways in changing your behaviour for the better. Let’s see what simple steps you can take to dress mindfully and elevate your look with ethical handbags. The collection of eco bags by Aoife ® combine conscious and luxurious chicness that helps to lower your wardrobe’s carbon footprint.

Choose your brands wisely

As opposed to the complexity of tracking down where exactly big high street brands produce their pieces of clothing, shopping from small, individual businesses allows you to get an idea of how and where the clothes are actually manufactured. By choosing your favourite clothing brands wisely, you can not only embrace your guilt-free shopping decision and contribute to a more sustainable world, but you also support small businesses. And the best part is: You can also explore the lifecycle of your chosen fashion item and the creative vision of the brand’s design team which heavily relies on loyal customers that see the potential behind the brand.

Invest in long-lasting fashion pieces like our ethical convertible tote to backpacks 

More is more‘ is a great motto when you’re into opulent flower patterns or extravagant apparel. However, there are more suitable options when it comes to buying clothes with a conscious mindset. Keeping yourself well-informed regarding the choice of your preferred clothing brands and how they create their products, is a great way to learn more about the importance of circular fashion and a mindful approach to production techniques. At Aoife ®, we produce first for the purpose, not for profit. For us, the solutions and concepts to reduce excessive waste are of utmost importance. Our customers want to be part of this journey and by doing so help us to decrease the damaging impact of unaware fashion approaches. With our functional Gallery Tote to Backpack, you are ready for whatever life throws at you, and thanks to its multi-functional design, this bag will last and bring you joy for a long time. This was our design team’s intention when it developed the collection by paying particular attention to the system of circularity and longevity. 

Longevity and ethical values for a stylish and conscious outfit

While trends and certain fashion momentums will require a quick decision-making process, durability, high quality, and sustainable choices allow you to pursue a style that is reflecting a timeless concept and an ever-lasting component of chicness. Aoife ® bags embody the importance of an informed way of styling daily outfits and add that extra spark to an elegant and stylish wardrobe. Longevity and strong ethical values are at the core of Aoife’s design approach and this is exactly why consumers enjoy the circular fashion concept of this Irish brand and raise their awareness by purchasing Aoife ® products. Discover Aoife ® now stocked at Wolf&Badger, London and New York.