We want to build a better future. Our award-winning brand AOIFE®, has a strong focus on circular fashion. We design for a customer who has both style and substance, who values quality while respecting the environment. We take responsibility by upholding the highest ethical business values in our carefully sustainably designed range of products for our conscious consumers to enjoy.

From our green partner companies, we work to create our signature circular fabrics to the artisan craftspeople handcrafting our products; we are accountable and take considered steps in producing innovative circular products designed for functionality, longevity, dissemble and regeneration.


We are committed to upholding human rights for all, mindfully aware of the social impact of global supply chains, and we work hard to ensure that people, sustainability, and the lifecycle of our products are always top-priority. We do not want our products to have a negative impact on our environment. With a respectful nod to the next generation, we want to give back - help to restore our planet and hand it over environmentally replenished. We believe together, we can do it better; better designs, better materials, better lifestyle, and better world.

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