We are committed to upholding ethical values in business, developing co-operative relationships with companies who value transparent, green principles and who respect the people working for them.We work with our partners Aquafil and we use Econyl® regenerated yarn in some of our collections. It is a yarn created from waste and pollution such as plastic nets and industrial plastic waste recovered from landfills and oceans. By using this luxury yarn, created by Aquafil® from regenerated nylon, we are assisting in cleaning and making a better environment. Our materials and products are manufactured in sustainable, green, textile companies in Italy with excellent environmental credentials. All the people working in our connected companies have certified fair and safe working conditions.

A close proximity is our small artisan mill in Milan, Italy is where our luxury signature yarns are made. We only produce in small amounts and when we are sure we can fulfill our orders working on a proforma order basis with our stockists.


We use cactus leather from Desserto ®, this is a biodegradable cactus leather. In 2019 they successfully created this sustainable and environmentally friendly organic biodegradable leather made from cactus.


AOIFE®  products are manufactured exclusively in Italy by traditional Italian artisans made completely by hand at an atelier famous for producing many of the worlds famous luxury brands.

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