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"When you start designing based on the material and incorporating waste management into your design process, this guides the colour palette and everything else about your collection. So it's a different starting point. We are designing out waste at the design table while mindfully creating something beautiful," Aoife Rooney.

AOIFE ® For a sustainable lifestyle

Award-Winning Circular Fashion Brand

AOIFE ®, is an award-winning fashion brand that strongly focuses on sustainability using circular production methods. We aim to create a circular ecosystem. Our production and consumption model involves rescuing, regeneration, reusing, repairing, sharing and recycling existing materials for as long as possible. In this way, the life cycle of products is extended, reducing waste to a minimum. Our aims are always to reach net-zero fashion and drive a positive impact on biodiversity. 

Each garment has been thoughtfully designed with circularity and attention to detail using rescued, regenerative resources while considering what happens at the end of the garment life cycle. Our collections use a circular design process and sustainable materials from Ireland. 

We work with our supplier's suppliers and use a circular eco supply chain. Some of the finest materials locked away in this considered collection were sourced from fashion houses and mill deposits, sadly forgotten about, and could not be used; for many different reasons, overproduction, slightly different colours or smaller budgets in the final production. These carefully selected materials have been rescued and reclaimed from the finest luxury fashion runways in Italy, Paris, Milan, London and New York; others were end-of-life luxury sustainable fabrics and 100% sustainable wools sourced from three local Irish sustainable factories. Our brand will only work with deadstock quality fabrics, sustainable and regenerated fabrics.

Our accessories are handcrafted from rescued ghost fishing nets and the finest Italian top-grain leather. We craft with 100% sustainable woollen traditional Donegal Tweeds from Mount Errigal in Donegal. There is no split in the made-up of our fibres we use to give you 100% quality materials; this is more environmentally friendly than trying to dissemble split fibres within the material, and the material can be easily dissembled and recycled at end-of-life. 

We use 100% of the highest locally produced quality Irish linens, wools, leathers, Italian runway eco vera deadstock viscose, silks and the finest quality finishes to bring our Luxestock collection to life. 



Our materials are only manufactured by sustainable, green textile companies that hold excellent environmental award-winning credentials.

ECONYL® regenerated yarn is 100% regenerated nylon fibre made from nylon waste otherwise polluting the Earth, like fishing nets, carpet flooring, and industrial plastic rescued from all over the world. When sorted and cleaned, this waste is regenerated and recycled right back to its original purity – to a virgin nylon state. It is then processed into textile yarn for the fashion and interior industries. Manufactured in Europe, for every 10,000 tons of ECONYL® raw material, 65,100 tonnes of CO2 eq. Emissions are avoided, reducing the global warming impact of nylon production by up to 90% when compared with material fabricated from oil. Furthermore, ECONYL® yarn can be recycled at the end of its life to enter once more into the regeneration system and be redesigned and redeveloped for modern living. On this path, the circular life cycle of the ECONYL® material is continued.

Each product is endorsed with the 100% ECONYL® regenerated nylon label trademark.


Cactus Leather

Cactus Leather 

We use bio-based cactus leather from Desserto®, which is a biodegradable cactus leather. In 2019 they successfully created this sustainable and environmentally friendly organic biodegradable leather made from cactus. This innovation met the most rigorous commercial quality standards and has won many global awards, such as: Peta-approved vegan, Dakks Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle, USDA Organic, Green Product Award 2020, Phthalate-free, EU reach compliance, SGS ISO 900 approved, Oko Garantie BCS and material Connexion Seal of Material excellence. We are proud to be one of a few companies to be the first to use this material in our collection.



Our packaging is FSC certified (certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), which means it meets the "gold standard" ethical production) and is produced by Smurfit Kappa in Ireland, we use dissolvable cornstarch pellets in all our packaging and all our labels are made from recycled paper.

All packaging includes information about the products and the story behind the AOIFE® brand sustainability project.

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