After two years of hiatus, there was a great sense of excitement; we got to throw off the past year’s doom and gloom and kick up our heels at the Image Pwc Businesswoman of the Year Awards. I was humbled to be among the Sustainability Champions, as described by IMAGE, as “9 women in Ireland building a better future“.


The room was buzzing with chatty women, all excited to be out again, no more digital zoom but “in reality” face to face! I was grateful to meet journalists such as Ruth O’Connor, Corina Gaffeystylists, other fashion designers, female entrepreneurs, and the talented Irish singer Lyra; she blew the room away with her powerful voice, which was very fitting for the night. I found my tribe, “Sustainable Entrepreneurs“, with my sidekick Pat Kane from Reuzi amongst the sea of some very glamourous women at this event. Having brainstormed my circular slow fashion brand aoife ® back in 2014, trading since 2017 and although I am not a big fan of the limelight myself, I must admit it was time and so lovely to have the chance to showcase the face of the founder behind the brand aoife ®.


The evening kicked off with many engaging and well spoke women; it dawned on me that this year was the first year there was a sustainable award! The sustainable award was real, tangible progress. Image was on their game by shining a light on sustainability with the woman pushing for this change of movement; I was grateful to be in this sustainable circle with the woman I highly respect and genuinely admire. There are not many people I tend to take the time to research but the “Sustainable Champions” shaping our future, as Image had coined our shortlisted group, had my mind fixed. I read up on all they have achieved and was blown away and inspired by their passion, drive and determination; Dr Tara ShineRaquel NoboaPat KaneSharon KeilthyElla De GuzmanAilbhe GerrardVal Cummins and Iseult Ward. 


On the journey to the event, we were calling it in the car who would win the sustainable award, and we called it correct! It was “Iseult Ward” Iseult is the type of friend you would like to have! Coming out of covid, we value work differently; people are changing careers, realising the hefty paycheck is not an indicator of happiness or richness. Iseult sums up the new principles blooming in the post covid workplace, and that’s professional kindness. Iseult is co-founder and CEO of FoodCloud. FoodCloud has created two food redistribution solutions that tackle the enormous issue of food waste with a scalable technology platform. To find true fulfilment and a sense of self-worth in life, I believe you have to believe in what you do. On so many levels, I connect with the thought process behind this collaborative, proactive business, “Food Cloud“, and if you haven’t checked them out, you will be genuinely inspired by their circular journey; a “ where no good food goes to waste..“.

(Aoife Rooney, CEO and Founder of the brand aoife ® and Eugene Rooney at the Image Awards pictured)

Some people talk about doing things, but Iseults getting the job done! “FoodCloud‘ are about finding practical solutions that create positive impacts, creating a world with less waste and more love. Kindness is their objective; what’s not to love!


Like Foodcloud we believe in unified global collaboration for the greater good, respect, trust, honesty, loyalty and support for a better and fairer future.

Undoubtedly, the Environmental and social impacts are fast becoming integrated into our businesses. I was personally so grateful to be recognised for the meaningful work and positive environmental difference aoife ® as a circular brand achieves. Thanks to Image Magazine, PWC Ireland, and all the sponsors and beautiful people who made last night’s awards a successful event.