It’s almost February and the team here at aoife ® are looking forward to the onset of Spring with great enthusiasm. There’s something wonderful about this time of the year when we start to see the flora around us coming back to life and the lifecycle of nature starting again. Every February we look forward to seeing the snowdrops and daffodils emerge from the earth as they do every year, there’s still a chill in the air but we know it comes with the promise of longer days and greener surroundings. This natural lifecycle reflects in its entirety the ethos of the aoife ® brand and the regenerative, sustainable qualities we embrace in every design. Could you imagine if every year we decided to plant new bulbs and trees, digging up last year’s bulbs and starting again without getting the full benefit of their true longevity? This is what we do with fast fashion, doesn’t it seem a bit senseless? When you buy an aoife ® luxury bag, you invest in a regenerative process that utilises the materials already available, you also invest in a piece that will take you from year to year without ever having to resort to throwaway fast fashion.


I’ve been watching your brand for the last few months and I’m so impressed by every little piece of it. You are so talented and clearly a very empathetic person. Your qualities are so apparent in your branding, and for me, the ethos behind the product is what draws me to it most. I hope Aoife does so well, it will no doubt. The Queen will have one soon!  Yvonne Keane


Luxury Handbags Designed for Beauty and Functionality

Every luxury bag in the aoife ® range serves a multitude of functions and therefore becomes part of the wearers everyday life. Whilst we take great care to design bags that are incredibly beautiful to the eye, we are always focussed on providing more than just a fashion accessory for both men and women. Let’s take a look at an example and focus in on the Gallery Tote – Backpack, an incredibly beautiful designer bag that will catch the eye of anyone who wears it. However, it’s important to also look beyond the form (as wonderful as that is) and look under the hood to see the inner workings of the bag. A multifunctional, lightweight design that features soft Italian leather and hardware, this incredible design ticks every box with the following functional aspects:

  • Multiple carrying modes: wear over the shoulder, as a handheld tote or as a backpack. Straps are also detachable and extendable.
  • Use as a laptop bag, a weekender bag or a stylish tote to get you through the day.
  • Numerous compartments to ensure you can safely store and carry your most important possessions.
  • Waterproof and secured with Italian silver metal hardware. 


Designer Handbags for Men and Women

As January draws to a close, we are excited to extend a fabulous giveaway offer to our discernible followers and online family. Thanks to your overwhelming support, the team here at aoife ® have had a wonderful launch and have been featured in some of the most respected fashion magazines in the world, from Vogue UK to our recent two page spread in Irish Country Magazine. We want you to be a part of this success and extend a thank you for the love you have shown. Simply make your way over to our Instagram page and our “Feel Good Friday” giveaway for instructions on how to enter a draw for your chance to win our much sought after Gallery Tote to Backpack.


 Kindness has a brand  Toll magazine

By working together through our local and online communities, we can make a difference to the fashion industry that will benefit our younger generations and their families. Let us take each other by the hand and leave fast fashion and unsustainable behind forever.