There is no doubt that there is more effort and awareness around sustainable luxury fashion now. From day one of launching our brand AOIFE ®, ethical practices were our essential business pillars, we set our own goals at AOIFE ® to reach net zero, be a positive impact brand, and we aim to leave no carbon footprints on the sands of time.

AOIFE ® eco-friendly sustainable bags are designed to reduce dependency on raw materials by helping clean fishing nets from the ocean, helping to protect marine ecology and reducing human toxicity by saving on primary energy demand and reducing CO2. Having recently been showcased as Irelands Sustainable Green Business Awards 2021 finalist, we are making a positive impact in partnership with our conscious customers and championing a new eco-friendly culture in contemporary fashion.

Perhaps you’ve been making great efforts to shop sustainably over the year. Maybe you’ve started eco-fashion shopping online; which has a much lower environmental impact than brick-and-mortar shopping, or perhaps you’ve checked your brand’s certificates or checked to see if artisans were paid fairly, or maybe you have a sustainable capsule wardrobe! Now here comes the peak consumption environmental toxic time of the year Christmas, to throw a spanner in the works for the conscious shopper, and if there’s one resolution we should all keep this year, it’s doing more to help save our planet.

The latest reports show that the fashion industries emissions are set to rise again to around 2.7 billion tonnes a year by 2030. According to the present trajectory in the Global Fashion Agenda report, the emissions from the fashion industry will be at double the maximum level requested to be in line with the Paris Agreement’s aim to keep global warming to 1.5°C! 

Despite all the recent lockdowns, CO2 levels still rose; world leaders and corporations are busy talking and while they’re talking, let’s make a positive change and start shopping mindfully. We can make positive impact choices we will feel really good about this Christmas. Give yourself a challenge! Let’s roll up our sleeves, get strong, be more ambitious, innovative and gift with intention thoughtful, purposeful gifts to put under the tree, gifts your loved ones will have for forever. 

We are excited to see so many fashion brands making sustainability and philanthropy top of their agenda. Take a breather, take your time, rest and reset this year’s shopping habits. We’ve got you covered if you are looking for a positive impact product that’s a functional, timeless and sustainable luxury gift! 

Best Wishes!

*We donate a profit for every bag sold online to Healthy Seas and Reforestation, annually, not just for Christmas.*