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The Gallery Tote-to-Backpack – your versatile companion!

When you choose our Gallery tote-to-backpack as your companion through the hustle and bustle of daily life, you can be assured that you have made the perfect choice. This piece is designed to make your life easier whilst adding impeccable style and a touch of class to your daily routine. aoife® is fundamentally centred around beautiful design and unique functionality. We concentrate on providing you with a range of luxury bags that offer the very latest in 21st century fabrics and a design that always delivers the practicality you need to lead a busy lifestyle.

The tote-to-backpack is the ideal accessory for commuting anywhere, either from work to the gym or just a weekend away, our signature tote is designed to hold anything you need in its easily accessible compartments. Many of our customers are environmentally conscious and would love nothing more than to be able to cycle or walk to work every day. In most cases, this is simply not possible because of the considerable number of items we need to carry with us each day. Here at aoife®, our tote-to-backpack completely eliminates the requirement for multiple bags because of our detachable straps that can easily turn your tote into a backpack, making is easier to store all your essentials in our spacious and versatile accessory on the go.

Our state-of-the-art designs have been meticulously handcrafted to provide you with multiple carrying options. Available in black and military green, this stylish and sustainable tote features detachable, comfortable and expandable straps. Whether you carry our tote-to-backpack over your shoulder, on your back or handheld, this piece transitions through the day to make sure all your needs are met. Further assisting your day-to-day life, our tote is lightweight and waterproof making it easier to manoeuvre around without any trouble.

Designer tote bag

The interior features of our Gallery tote-to-backpack is just as important as the exterior. Accessible but secure compartments are a vital component in the production of all our bags. This accessory contains a full-sized zipped pocket at the back of the tote, developed for a 14’’ laptop. It has a roomy interior, perfect for carrying all your necessary items comfortably and safely. Diversity is very important here at aoife®and we want to show that through our products, we have made sure that all pieces included in the Gallery collection are suitable for both male and female.

The Gallery collection in its entirety is made from 100% Econyl® regenerated nylon and handcrafted with full grain soft Italian leathers. All our products, including the tote-to-backpack are ethically produced. Sustainability and circular fashion are such a huge part of aoife®and our customers are looking for a multifunctional and sustainable fashion piece, now you can have both. The tote-to-backpack is the perfect accessory for style, comfort and a guiltfree conscience. It is a stylish approach to sustainability that will make a difference to the your wardrobe and the environment.

Written by Hannah Rooney

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