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The Gallery Duffel Leather Regenerated Nylon Bag

aoife ® Gallery Duffel Bag | Brown & Yellow | Sustainable Duffel Bags |

Are you looking for a distinguished timeless modern bag where space, style and sustainability are of equal value, but the traditional tote isn’t fitting the mood anymore? Or maybe you’re looking for a new bag to put a smile on your face, post-pandemic doom and gloom. Our chic mini Gallery Duffle aoife ® bag will do just that, make you smile! It has a fresh unique silhouette, and a colourful investment you will never forget!

Every detail was thought about, from its strong, supported, pipped yet ruched playful buttery soft structure designed for disassembly to the choice and multitude of its exterior and interior hidden, both open and zipped pockets. To its generous gusset’s capacity, our uniquely shaped mini duffels are bursting with hope and colour for you to hold!

aoife ® Gallery Duffel Bag | Brown & Yellow | Sustainable Duffel Bags |
aoife ® Gallery Duffel Bag | Brown & Yellow | Sustainable Duffel Bags |

With the launch of our new customised circular fabrics unique to the aoife ® brand, you can be assured of a colourway to suit your personality!

Designed with a sense of sophisticated playfulness, you can’t help but shake its tassels and smile. Carry our luxury mini duffel or consider it a crossbody and wear it repeatedly with casual and elevated looks while enjoying the hands-free ease and comfort.

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