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The Ethical Backpack

At a o i f e®, our aim is not just to deliver you a sustainable bag but to also deliver you a companion throughout your day. An accessory that will make your life easier while adding a stylish touch. Our Teardrop bag, can give you the perfect combination of beauty and sustainability. a o i f e ® is providing you with a designer bag that could change your wardrobe and your perspective of the fashion world. Inspired by the elements of nature, the Teardrop colour palette includes colours inspired by the Irish coast such as sugar almond, bleached coral and ebony black.

Collaborating with our Italian partners, we wanted to make the process of the Teardrop bag as ethical as we could. Using 100% Econyl ® regenerated nylon and handcrafted with full grain soft Italian leathers, we have presented the world with an accessory which is kind to the environment and fashion forward. The process starts with the passion for style and care for the environment. At a o i f e ® we are starting at the design table and building our way to a just and sustainable future through our products. Our aim is to produce a line of luxury accessories that make you feel confident and offer you alternative choices in the world of fashion.

Functionality plays an important factor in how our bags are designed; the Teardrop supplies you with a spacious interior to support your daily essentials yet still maintaining its lightweight, regenerated nylon material. The silky fabric is water resistant both on the exterior and interior, it is not silk but a stronger regenerated sustainable fabric giving you all the qualities you appreciated in the richness of silk. The Teardrop contributes support throughout your busy day because of these significant features. This bag is a show stopper and will dress up any outfit.

One zipper pocket is found at the back of the exterior, further providing a safe compartment for your essentials. All your belongings are secured together by a safety clasp positioned diagonally across the front-side of the bag. This is a unique safety clasp made of polished Italian hardware metals. Like other a o i f e ® bags, the Teardrop caters multiple carrying options. Extendable straps allow you to carry this item on your back or over your shoulder and the glamour wristlet gives you the option of holding the Teardrop in your hand.

a o i f e ® want to create a relationship between you and your accessory because its more than just a bag, it is a connection to our earth. Its pyramid shaped form gives this accessory a unique element, as well as the special fabric that feels just like silky but is much waterproof and stronger.

The Teardrop was hand-crafted with your fashion style in mind, each colour would be perfectly suited to any type of organic style.




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