About Us

aoife ® is an award-winning luxury Irish brand that offers a multi-layered approach to luxury and sustainability.

Our ergonomically designed bags, totes, backpacks, and accessories offer everyday solutions with a special-occasion appeal using the latest eco-fabric technologies. Our brand is mindful and aware, offering our followers thoughtful design, beautiful fabrics and richly hued colours while also respecting our responsibility to the planet. Cherishing the ideas of circularity, lasting quality and lifestyle focussed design. We seek to leave no carbon footprints on the sands of time.

Together with our customers, we champion a new consciousness and eco-friendly culture in contemporary fashion.

The Brand

Our philosophy

The vision behind each aoife ® piece represents a creative journey. Conceptualized in Ireland, the detailed technical drawings and specifications are then crafted by skilled artisans in Italy.

Using eco-innovative fabrics, some repurposed from ghost fishing nets or synthesised from plant materials, reflects the brand’s belief in circularity and sustainability. Furthermore, by replacing the mechanized, robotic nature of mass production, we deliver hands-on integrity and added value in each artisan-made piece. The entire development process represents a cyclical journey: respecting the material’s former life, recontextualizing them with a new purpose delivered through expert craftsmanship and skill.

It all adds up to better materials, better design, a better lifestyle, better world.

Our Founder

The designer and founder

Designer, founder and brand CEO Aoife Rooney is a passionate advocate of sustainability, known for her naturalist aesthetic and interdisciplinary style— one that blends visual arts, textiles, architecture and cultural fashion.

Inspired by her Irish roots, Aoife embraces the colours of nature, favouring organic hues from the lush patinas of Spring to the russet and peaty colours of Autumn. Her style is defined by abstract silhouettes, meticulous attention to detail and harmony between textures. Collectively, it produces designs you can wear — not just carry.

Aoife is a trailblazer in circular fashion.

Where aesthetics
and style meet
functional form

The signature

The brand’s signature piece is the Gallery Convertible Tote to Backpack— a classic unisex staple. Versatile and convertible, it features detachable straps, top-grain Italian leather and regenerated fabrics, expressing the durability and functionality that epitomizes the brand. The pieces use regenerated nylons, mixed with top-grain leathers, biodegradable cactus leathers, polished with Italian silver metal hardware, manufactured and milled in Italy, exclusively for the aoife ® brand. Overturning the idea that waste is part of a throw-away ritual, the brand transforms these materials into luxury with precious finishes and features.

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aoife ® is a sustainable brand with a conscience. We are working to push the boundaries of a circular product without sacrificing style. It’s time for a change, and it is our mission to pioneer sustainable innovation in designing and developing our products. We are a brand committed to upholding ethical values in business and developing cooperative relationships with companies that value transparent, green principles and respect the people working for them.

We have never lived in a more crucial time for our environment, and it is essential to change our behaviour and act now. In developing our products, we prioritise the social responsibility to protect our natural world. By carefully researching and sourcing ethical, eco-friendly options for all our fabrics and hardware, our design decisions deliberately use sustainable, reclaimed, recycled and regenerated materials-leading directly to cleaning our oceans, reducing carbon dioxide, protecting wildlife, utilising the resources we already have in this natural world.

When working together, our choices will make a difference.

Innovation in Materials

Always evolving and adapting to new sustainability models, the aoife ® certified manufacturing process improves with technology. We collaborate with award-winning green partner companies in Ireland and Italy,  all of which uphold the highest principles for reclaimed, sustainable and regenerated fabrics, with excellent ethics and work practices.

We regularly review and record the statistics showing our low carbon footprint, sharing our stories with you on our social media channels, in our blogs and newsletters to include you in the process behind the brand. We want to keep track of our footprint to ensure we will be constantly aware of our environmental impact to make any desirable improvements along the way.




Innovation in Materials

Always evolving and adapting to new sustainability models, the aoife certified manufacturing process continues to improve with technology. The brand collaborates with award-winning green partner companies in Ireland and Italy all of which uphold the highest principles for reclaimed fabrics, ethics and work practices.

Our brand regularly review and record the statistics showing our low carbon footprint.We want to keep track of this footprint to ensure we will be constantly aware of our environmental impact, so we can make any desirable improvements along the way.

Interesting new

Currently, aoife® is focusing on Econyl® regenerated nylons, reclaimed leathers, and biodegradable plant-based fabrics. Our mission is to uncover new natural sources for exceptional fabrics with unique qualities, we are working presently with innovative materials derived from banana, coconuts, mushrooms and coffee beans.

Our packaging is made in Ireland, crafted from 100% recycled materials, and carries the FSC certified recycled label. Our mission is to be innovative in design whilst offering high-quality products made with sustainable alternatives with the care of our environment for the eco-conscious consumer.




impact - Our

As part of a promise to protect the environment, aoife® supports reforestation. Every on-line purpose sponsors a new tree. aoife® is allied with Healthy Seas, an organisation that remedies sea pollution by collecting nylon fishing nets and other waste materials to convert them into yarn for the fashion industry.

True sustainability comes when the entire supply chain is sustainable. The entire system at aoife — the design, development and manufacturing process— all create a balanced ecosystem with true environmental impact.



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