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Tag: Ocean clean up

The Beauty of Regeneration – Galway Now

Ever wonder what the term “regenerative fashion” means? THE BEAUTY OF REGENERATION- When we refer to “regenerate fashion“, we talk about fashion that supports circularity, which means using reclaimed materials by up cycling them, using wasted discarded items or supporting regenerative agriculture. FARMERS, THE GAME CHANGERS- Farming has always been an interest of mine, and anyone living

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IMAGE, Autumnal Elegance –

The Elegance of Autumn- There’s something about the change of seasons that I love, and Autumn is my favourite month by far. It represents a warm change, the start of a new school year, changing of leaves, packed full of nostalgic traditions and memories. Get ready for the intense romantic autumnal colours bursting of rusty

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Cleaning the ocean, one bag at a time!

Why, as a brand, did you choose to protect the ocean? The ocean is simply the planet’s thermostat, the World’s most extensive ecosystem, and our life support system; therefore, it seemed the most obvious place to focus our attention when researching circular resources for our collections. We use @econylbrand regenerated nylon, a genuinely innovative material

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