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There is nothing Permanent except Change

A look at the beautiful work of environmental artist, sculptor and engineer – Manuel Frolich… Art is described differently by every person. How you interpret it, how it makes you feel, and what you see can affect how you think about it. The same goes for Nature. But are these two things that different? Is

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IMAGE, Autumnal Elegance –

The Elegance of Autumn- There’s something about the change of seasons that I love, and Autumn is my favourite month by far. It represents a warm change, the start of a new school year, changing of leaves, packed full of nostalgic traditions and memories. Get ready for the intense romantic autumnal colours bursting of rusty

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Form and Function: Designer Bags with a Conscience

It’s almost February and the team here at aoife ® are looking forward to the onset of Spring with great enthusiasm. There’s something wonderful about this time of the year when we start to see the flora around us coming back to life and the lifecycle of nature starting again. Every February we look forward to

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