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A mindful wardrobe

“Being mindful” seems to be a buzzword that follows us around wherever we go to look for inspiration. No matter how often we talk about mindful eating, mindful working,

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Peace and the Environment

War, conflict, peace…and the environment As humans, our differences set us apart. From as far back as the history books go, conflict has resulted in extreme events such as

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Going GREEN this Christmas?

Are you planning on going Green and having a conscience Christmas this year and don’t know how? Christmas is a time where unnecessary waste occurs, so it’s important to

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The Ethical Backpack

At a o i f e®, our aim is not just to deliver you a sustainable bag but to also deliver you a companion throughout your day. An accessory

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Sustainable Handbags

Fashion for our Future

If you are following @aoifelifestyle on our social media platforms you’ve probably heard us talk a lot about sustainability and circular fashion.Fashion and the world are changing fast, new

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