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We have never lived in a more crucial time for our environment and it is essential that we need to act now to make changes to our planet we call home. We appreciate and value the natural world around us and we are actively engaged to make a positive impact. In developing our products, we prioritise the social responsibility to protect our natural world. By carefully researching and sourcing ethical and eco-friendly options for all our fabrics and hardware, our design decisions deliberately use modern recycled, rescued and regenerated materials and lead directly to cleaning our oceans.

We plant a tree for every purchase made on line , by doing so we help to provide oxygen , improve air quality, conserve water, preserve soil and support wildlife.

We respect and acknowledge the people who bring the  a  o  i  f  e  ® brand to you by linking with manufacturing companies that support equality for the employees in their working environment.

There are several important initiatives to clean up and safeguard the seas. We are supporting partners of Healthy Seas, donating a percentage of our profits to help them continue rescuing ghost fishing nets and pollution form our oceans. The nets that are collected by Healthy Seas are not dumped into landfills or burned in waste processing facilities. Instead, they are recycled in order to create high-quality products like ours.

Sustainability is the focus, from both the environmental and economic point of view. The strength of our brand lies in global interdepdance, united parterships for the greater good, businesses working towards the same aim: a better planet and healthier seas!

Give Back

The Educational Programme – a o i f e ® and Healthy Seas


AOIFE® is helping to roll out an educational programme designed for children aged 6 – 18 with their partners Healthy Seas in the Republic of Ireland. The educational programme aims to address and create awareness of the pressing environmental issues, and this innovative brand brings these issues to the classroom using multi-sensory positive methodologies. The educational inititive is an informative, educational programme with a goal to educate, help raise questions and bridge links to complex matters in an intriguing and visually attractive manner.

The programmes can be implemented indoors or outdoors, in the school or an external venue, i.e. beach pavilion, informative booths, cultural centre, school fairs, or museum, for example. The programme includes: informative presentations explaining the topics of marine litter, ghost fishing, ghost nets, the circular economy and the link to climate change. Fun games and arts & crafts activities extend the learning experience making learning more enjoyable and memorable.

a o i f e ® and Healthy Seas align themselves and their activities to support the UN achieve its Sustainable Development Goals ( SDGs)


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