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Designer Tote Bags

The Gallery luxury convertible tote-backpack was conceived with your every need in mind and was designed for the fashion eco-conscious individual with a demanding lifestyle. Beautifully handcrafted from regenerated nylons and the finest Italian leather, this elegant luxury bag will support you hands-free throughout your day seamlessly.

Created with love and compassion for the environment, this sustainable modern, and functional bag features multiple pockets, compartments and carrying options. It can easily convert to a stylish statement backpack for ease with our extendable, detachable comfort straps.

Designer Backpacks

Our luxury sustainable backpacks will keep all your essentials well organised and has been designed with your lifestyle in mind. Uniquely handcrafted using regenerated nylons and the finest Italian leathers, these unisex travel backpacks are functional and extremely lightweight to carry you through your day with ease and comfort.

Practicality, beautiful design and versatility make this ethical backpack the perfect choice for the busy eco-conscious individual.

Sustainable Shopping | aoife Bags |
Sustainable Shopping | aoife Bags |

Designer Purses

Sustain your style with unique pieces and discover our beautiful range of eco-designer purses in a choice of warm organic colours. With compassion for the environment, each product is made ethically with handcrafted quality using reclaimed materials. Our linings and exterior fabrics are made with regenerated nylons.

Elegantly designed using the finest of sustainably sourced and manufactured reclaimed materials, you can always be confident that you are making a conscientious choice.

Vegan Clutch Bags

aoife® designer clutch vegan plant-based bags are entirely made using the highest quality of regenerated nylons and sustainable, partially biodegradable, plant-based cactus leather. All our bags are handcrafted by artisans in Italy who have decades of heritage in making the most sophisticated luxury accessories. The aroma of plant from these bags is magical!

Combining luxurious style with ethical sustainable values, this collection of bags are a sustainable statement that’s kind to the Earth.

Sustainable Shopping | aoife Bags |