Gallery Collection

The entire development process of the aoife® brand represents a cyclical journey: the art of respecting the material’s former life, while recontextualising them with a new purpose.The Gallery collection was designed with style, quality and longevity in mind.Discover this stylish unisex collection which is multi-functional and suitable for easy hands-free commuting and the weekend breaks away.Meticulously handcrafted from full-grain soft Italian leather and Econyl ® regenerated light-weight nylon. Polished off with customised Italian silver metal hardware.

Silk Collection

The vision behind each collection is designed and handcrafted with attention to detail.This dynamic journey, starting from the origins of collecting the repurposed fabric to the creative realm of the atelier, brings a whole new level of ethos and hands-on integrity to circular fashion. Replacing the mechanized, robotic nature of mass production, each artisan-made piece is exclusively designed and re-designed to sensualize our respect for the environment.Our Silk collection is an eclectic beam of shimmering colours and modern silhouettes.

Vegan Cactus Clam Collection

Revolutionising the fashion-meets-function realm, aoife® relies on ergonomic design, sculptural shapes and polished hardware, carrying a minimalist appeal with a down-to-earth feel. Collectively, each design represents a larger vision, providing a fresh canvas for style that breathes a new consciousness into our eco-friendly culture. 

The cactus clam collection was inspired by the ruched pattern of the razor clams popping out of the sand on Omey Tidal Island in Ireland. This is a modern collection of vegan, plant-based, partially biodegradable cactus leather bags. These bags are designed to be functional, aesthetically pleasing and ecologically sound.