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Behind the Scenes of the Silk Collection

From weeks of organizing, meticulous planning to detailed mood boards and the development of innovative ideas, there’s a lot that goes into capturing the perfect shot. A photoshoot starts months before the arrival of the big day. Picking the right location is the first phase of our photoshoot, it is so important for us here at aoife® to choose a backdrop that marries perfectly with the raw tones of our luxury products. We thought that a hidden beach on the coast of County Wexford would be the perfect place for the photoshoot of the Silk Collection, and we were definitely right.

Along with functionality and style, the environment has a huge influence in the production of our bags.  The previous campaign was held in a stunning location with the raw backdrop of the countryside of Mullingar so the thought of doing one better was questionable, but of course the Irish coastline proved us wrong. The cool blue tones of the sea clashing against the long stretch of warm golden sand really made this spot perfect for this collection.

It all started at 5am on a summer’s morning, the buzz that is usually consistent in the Seafield hotel was absent. The organizational skills from the team are really starting to show as the morning perseveres without stress. The only thing giving us butterflies is the excitement to get down to the beach. As the stunning bags are ready to go and the team is eager to start the day, the bright Irish sun decides to show up adding to the happy smiles of the team that today isn’t going to be a typical day of Irish weather. It was 8am by the time we got down to our destination, the beach was devoid of people apart from a few early morning joggers. Our team was feeling enthusiastic about this photoshoot and was ready to get down to work. Each with an important job, the team made the shoot a success. A collective group of creative people getting the best from each other.

The rich tones of nature that surrounded us made it seem like something out of a David Attenborough documentary. The bags paired perfectly with the wild scenery of the rocky wall that separated the covert beach with civilization. Each accessory married flawlessly with a different component of the terrain. The intense colours of the Silk Collection made them stand out against the natural colours of the majestic seaside. The shift of emotions within the team changed and you could feel the excitement as we started to watch with such certainty that this photoshoot would be a success. Just as we were about to head back to the hotel for lunch, a seal had popped his head out of the vast blueness to say hello.

The last hoorah on the beach before we ended the day added to the feel of a raw and sophisticated look. The water was icy but that didn’t stop us from submerging ourselves for the greater good- fashion. At last, we headed back to the Seafield hotel to gather our things and make our way home. The atmosphere consisted of tired feet and happy faces as our successful day ended in the knowledge that we had created something special.

My creative team whom I absolutely adore and a must on set with me at each shoot, you are all such a talent to be reckoned with, with a special thanks to : Paul Byrne & Colin de Pris videography Good Idea, Kenny Whittle Photographer, Louise & Elaine Kennedy styling, Billy Or-Hair and Makeup Artist, Aine O’Gorman our beautiful model. Thank you to @havanaboutique for providing the cotton dress. An extra special thanks goes to my very talented daughter Hannah Rooney (just gone 16!) who wrote this blog in just under two hours, having won many awards herself as a creative writer she is destined for greatness, a very proud Irish mammy! Thank you everyone and looking forward to the next one X Aoife Maria Rooney.

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