The Gallery Duffel Leather Regenerated Nylon Bag

Are you looking for a distinguished timeless modern bag where space, style and sustainability are of equal value, but the traditional tote isn’t fitting the mood anymore? Or maybe you’re looking for a new bag to put a smile on your face, post-pandemic doom and gloom. Our chic mini Gallery Duffle aoife ® bag will […]

IMAGE PwC Businesswoman of the Year Awards – Sustainability Champions

After two years of hiatus, there was a great sense of excitement; we got to throw off the past year’s doom and gloom and kick up our heels at the Image Pwc Businesswoman of the Year Awards. I was humbled to be among the Sustainability Champions, as described by IMAGE, as “9 women in Ireland […]

There is nothing Permanent except Change

A look at the beautiful work of environmental artist, sculptor and engineer – Manuel Frolich… Art is described differently by every person. How you interpret it, how it makes you feel, and what you see can affect how you think about it. The same goes for Nature. But are these two things that different? Is […]

Waste is a Design Flaw

aoife ®

If a brand hasn’t seriously investigated the timeline of its product, it is adding to the problem of waste! Of course, some brands have a fantastic line of sustainable products, credit to them! Yet under their same brand umbrella, they sell full-on fast fashion within another section of their shop. Yes, this is happening under […]

New Year, new opportunities for 2022

At AOIFE ®, we like to balance sustainable style with functionality, solving issues that had inexplicably not been addressed before – like circular design, functional performance, longevity, the weight and versatility of a bag. The process behind our brand is transparent, honest and fashion-forward. Our best sellers, our Gallery Convertible Totes are sustainably designed, functional, gender-neutral and incredibly lightweight. […]

Conscious Gifts that do Good

There is no doubt that there is more effort and awareness around sustainable luxury fashion now. From day one of launching our brand AOIFE ®, ethical practices were our essential business pillars, we set our own goals at AOIFE ® to reach net zero, be a positive impact brand, and we aim to leave no […]

The Beauty of Regeneration – Galway Now

Ever wonder what the term “regenerative fashion” means? THE BEAUTY OF REGENERATION- When we refer to “regenerate fashion“, we talk about fashion that supports circularity, which means using reclaimed materials by up cycling them, using wasted discarded items or supporting regenerative agriculture. FARMERS, THE GAME CHANGERS- Farming has always been an interest of mine, and anyone living […]

IMAGE, Autumnal Elegance –

The Elegance of Autumn- There’s something about the change of seasons that I love, and Autumn is my favourite month by far. It represents a warm change, the start of a new school year, changing of leaves, packed full of nostalgic traditions and memories. Get ready for the intense romantic autumnal colours bursting of rusty […]

Cleaning the ocean, one bag at a time!

Why, as a brand, did you choose to protect the ocean? The ocean is simply the planet’s thermostat, the World’s most extensive ecosystem, and our life support system; therefore, it seemed the most obvious place to focus our attention when researching circular resources for our collections. We use @econylbrand regenerated nylon, a genuinely innovative material […]

A mindful wardrobe

Gallery Tote To Backpack | Sustainable Luxury Gifts |

“Being mindful” seems to be a buzzword that follows us around wherever we go to look for inspiration. No matter how often we talk about mindful eating, mindful working, mindful relationships, or mindful lives in general, not so much is talked about mindful clothing and fashion accessories. At Aoife ® we want to raise awareness […]