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aoife® luxury sustainable bags feature in The Irish Country Magazine | aoife® Lifestyle

This month the team here at aoife® are delighted to share another great endorsement from the fashion world. Our friends over at The Irish Country Magazine interviewed Aoife Rooney, founder of aoife® and talked about the reasons why an aoife® bag is top of everyone’s wish list. In the feature, The Irish Country Magazine explores the ideologies that make aoife® such an inspirational choice for those who are committed to superior design. The two page spread strongly portrays the relationship between timeless fashion, circular design and focuses on the luxurious materials used in each and every bag. The article also delves into the world of “materials revolution” and explores the many avenues that the aoife® team are taking to innovate and create products using an exciting line of re-engineered textiles and fibres.

Luxury Bags with a Circular Design

Designed for those mindful of their environmental impact and with an appreciation for luxurious fashion, we sustainably source materials that are reclaimed, recycled, bio-based and regenerated. Such as our 100% Econyl regenerated nylons; a nylon fabric sourced from ghost fishing nets and reclaimed materials, we talk about this fabric a lot but it is truly a one of a kind innovative, revolutionary resource. Why is it such a revolutionary material?Ghost fishing nets , our bags are made from this resource

It uses a purification process and can be infinitely recycled and recreated with endless possibilities, reducing its carbon footprint while cleaning our Ocean and landfills, a win win for us all..!

Cactus leather

We are also using bio-degradable cactus leathers in our Cactus collection. Only the leaves of the cactus plant are trimmed and used to create this material and much like any plant you prune, the remaining section of the plant grows stronger as a result.

Coffee fabric for our bag lining

Our exciting new coffee and banana linings have just been manufactured, they are presently being tested for design performance. We did produce a coconut fabric, but when it got to the sewing room for bag design, functionality and performance was like working with a misbehaved octopus; the fabric was super stretchy, which for bag linings was not going to work.

Designer Bags that don’t cost the Earth

When we design a bag or begin to explore a new range, at the very forefront of our thoughts are two essential objectives:

Econyl ® nylon

Lifecycle of the Product:

We always ask the question: How can we create beauty and luxury without using new resources?

By simply looking to nature and the culture of waste we see in society today worldwide, we take steps to utilise surplus materials, create innovative textiles that are readily available and we reclaim, reuse, recycle and recreate. We also design with the future in mind, knowing that luxury designer bags that maintain their integrity have superior second life potential.

The Gallery Tote to Backpack

The Client:

The customer is of course the number one focus in all of our designs, and it is with great pride that we are seeing men and women embrace our range of luxury bags. Thoughtfulness is at the core of every bag we design, it is hugely important to us that every bag produced reflects the user it its entirety. Our luxury bags are crafted to reflect the lifestyle of the user, much thought goes into this design process to design for longevity and multi-functional purposes, so that you can wear your bag to work and access the items you need with ease, or wear with an ensemble that makes an impact and really says something about who you are as an individual.

Luxury Bags from Ireland

When you first fall in love with an aoife® bag for its unique design and luxurious material, we just know you will fall in love all over again when you discover the gender-neutral choices we have made to bring it into reality.

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